Appointment of Directors

Barrow RLFC are pleased to announce the appointment of Joe Slater as Stadium Director and Andy Gafney as the Players Director.

Joe brings a wealth of experience in employment and business and from his long and successful playing career in the amateur ranks. Joe has been with the club for a few weeks, before being formally voted on at the most recent board meeting, and he has already identified numerous maintenance tasks that are required to keep the ground up to minimum standards. He is hoping to organise a volunteer team to get stuck in to the tasks at hand.

Andy returns to the club in an associate director capacity. He has maintained a close working relationship with the playing and coaching staff and has numerous contacts throughout the rugby league community. He will be a massive help in working with the coach and board assembling a competitive team for Championship rugby.

There are still vacancies on the board for the right calibre individuals. We are looking for director’s to specifically take the following positions:


Council Member

Their responsibility is to attend RFL Council Meetings etc. and report back to the Board. Keith Holt is currently carrying out this role


Media Director

To liaise with the Press and all media outlets – facebook/twitter/website

To promote and advertise the club/events/signings etc.


Facility Director

Responsible for bar outlets, including all stock management, cleaning and opening/closing facilities

Responsible for snack bar outlets including stock management

Responsible for boardroom catering


There are volunteers doing a great job managing these areas but the director would provide a line of responsibility and look to implement improvements.


Hospitality Director

To fill the Boxes with drink pre match (make sure all boxes have plates/serviettes/glasses etc.)

To make sure the Sponsors (Boardroom and Boxes) are looked after and have everything they need

Order Buffets for the Boxes as required

Order Programmes to be distributed to the Boardroom/Boxes


Commercial and Fundraising Director

Responsible for organising fundraising events and bringing in sponsorship revenue


Finance Director

Liaise with the RFL regards the Salary Cap Return

Keep the Board updated with the Daily Cash Flow

Complete Budgets

Confirm Playing Budget at the beginning of each Season

Authorise any large spends

Liaise with the Commercial/Fundraising Director regards expected revenue

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