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The future Of Barrow Rugby League – A community icon in the Furness Peninsula was nearly committed to history and yet another part of our culture – what makes us who we are – we would have been consigned to memory and eventually forgotten.

This was the third time in our recent history that the club has been close to closure. I want to help you understand the background and this bulletin is to explain the current position of the club and the recent history that has brought us to this point.

As everyone knows in recent weeks, the club has suffered horrendous injury crisis reducing the squad dramatically with last minute illnesses to two players and a work injury that left us with only 15 players for the Featherstone game with injury and illnesses affecting 14 players. Gene Ormsby decided he wanted to leave the club.

Under our brilliant coach and his assistant, despite these unpredicted set of circumstances, the performance of the team has been superb and above expectations with great results against Leigh and Toronto at home. Everyone I have spoken to praises the attitude and determination of our gallant band of players: often against all the odds.

As a result, although the aim at the beginning of the year, was to avoid relegation we are now in a strong position and a stronger position than we expected.

If we can maintain our position in the league, we may be in a much stronger position financially at the end of the season.

However, to allow this to happen and ease the cash flow situation we need financial investment in Barrow Rugby League now! The club is part of our town’s heritage and if we lose it we will never get it back.

Take One for the Team.

As well as physical support it must be possible through the JustGiving page to create a virtual crowd who will, by donation boost our attendance revenue. Please get in touch with friends and family living outside the area and even the country to persuade them to contribute. Your club needs them.


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