Crowdfunding to help fund a second trip for Barrow Raiders to Toronto Wolfpack.

This page has been set up by a group of Barrow Raiders Supporters who are trying to form a Supporters Trust.

We were asked, by Cresta, before the start of the season to try and form a Supporters Trust and have been actively fund raising ever since. We have a number of events coming up in the near future. The Raiders need all the support they can get especially with promotion in the offing. Unfortunately, this season’s fixtures have not been kind to us with our home games bringing very few away fans and home supporters not attending as they deemed the opposition not to be up to standard. Result low income, high outgoings (winning money). Then there was the trip to Toronto, assured by the RFL that these trips wouldn’t cost clubs any money, this was not quite true. The club had to pay for coach to and from the airport, extra baggage, special visa for some players at £80 each and then there was food and drink for the duration of the trip for 25 players and staff. While this was a fantastic experience for the players it was an expensive one for the club (£4000 approx), and hey ho what happens in the super 8 its Toronto here we come again, the only team to go twice.

So it is with this in mind we have set up this page, and before the cries of RFL/Toronto should meet costs, this shouldn’t be happening, we agree but nothing will change before we go. The club will have the same costs to bear, maybe more depending on flight times. So let’s get behind the lads, after all they are using their holidays from work to go on this trip and make this trip as smooth as we can for them. They can have a fantastic trip and enjoy the game and not worry about where the money is coming from to pay their expenses, and keep as relaxed and focused as they can, they will still have an important game to play when they get back. We as fans need to help them do this so they can still be in with a chance of promotion, so any donations will be gratefully received.

Thank you for your support,

Barrow Raiders Supporters Trust.

You can help us by visiting this link.

3 Replies to "Crowdfunding to help fund a second trip for Barrow Raiders to Toronto Wolfpack."

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    Malcolm Gill
    10th August 2017 (4:45 pm)

    Bloody disgusting R FL wanted them in so they should pay

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    14th August 2017 (5:10 pm)

    Not heard anything decent about Toronto. Seems they are not well thought of. Quite true as they are being fast tracked [aka Toulouse]. Just disgusting that there are many sides in this Country who could benefit from “expanding” Rugby League. When all the hype has gone and if they get to SL, what will happen when the fiz dries up and they play in front of less than 2000. And will SL allow this rediculous [and amateur] situation when they come here for a month and settle down then boom the rest have to take around 5 days off to go play laid of SL and Championship players.

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    16th August 2017 (1:09 am)

    I’m travelling over to Yorkshire from Australia and would love to catch a game where Barrow Raiders were playing as I did in 2012. Will they be playing close to say York/ Leeds in the next couple of weeks? I would love o see them go around again.
    Peter Farrugia

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