Trinity test for Carter’s boys

FURNESS Raiders head coach Darren Carter cannot wait to parade his under-19s in front of home support when they face Wakefield College at Craven Park this Wednesday (kick-off 7pm).

The level three academy side got off to a winning start in their College League opener at Loughborough last week, and Carter is hoping to see that success continue.

However, Wakefield could provide a much sterner test with many of the youngsters understood to have already been signed by the Super League club.

Carter is really looking forward to this challenge and those further ahead as the season unravels, and would like to see his side to put in a strong display in front of the team’s partners and sponsors tomorrow.

The side could see some changes from last week’s 29-16 win, with some players, unable to travel to that game because of commitments, now fighting for a place in the team captained by half-back Ryan Johnson.

Carter said: “We are really looking forward to this one, last week was an unbelievable occasion for us all, the players, the coaching staff, the club.

“We all as a unit went down and I said it was a monumental day and it really was  for the club.

“But now we have started and played our first game, the players have got a feel for the competition. We  are really looking forward to playing at home in front of the supporters, our sponsors and our partners, just to show them  this is what we have been working to over the last 12 to 18 months and this is what they have helped us achieve.”

He added: “I think Wakefield will be a tougher test, a little bit smarter team.

“We are expecting some decent players. I have seen a write up of them when they played the last time and I saw a picture of them and they look like rugby players.”

Explaining his reasons for altering last week’s winning team, Carter added: “We are going to change it a little bit from last week. We left some players out on purpose because it was a long day and some would have to get out of work.

“We are not going to tinker with it too much, and if players don’t play this week they will definitely play next week or the week after. We are definitely going to play all the players, everybody is going to get games, plenty of time and plenty of opportunities.

“It is going to be a tough game and we have got to treat it as such and we are going to pick a strong squad if we can.

“The main thing is we play well and we approach it in the right way and we can put into practice some of the things we didn’t do last week.

“There were areas where we didn’t do so well but it was  more about just playing last week, the occasion was probably more important than the performance.

“It would be nice to win, it would be great for the lads if they could win in front of the home support, and family. I am looking forward to it and just carry on with what  we have been doing because it’s all good.”

Carter has been delighted by the support the academy have received from sponsors  and partners – Furness College, the Super Lotto, Furness Building Society, Travel the Globe, the Ambrose and Knightsbridge Motors – and would like to thank them all.

He is also hoping for a good crowd, to watch his team play under the floodlights, saying: “The fans of Barrow have been spoilt this year, they’ve had some great rugby and we are hoping we can carry that on  for them and give them something else to cheer about.”

Furness Raiders are away to Newcastle Thunder next Wednesday with the match due to be played at Kingston Park.

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