7. Lewis Charnock – Sponsored by Optec Fibres


Name: Lewis Charnock

Age: 23

Position: Scrum half

Previous clubs: St helens, bradford

Biggest influence on your rugby league career: all the coaches ive played under

Favourite film: the vow

Favourite film quote: Siiiiiiiiiimba

Favourite TV show: Cant pay we’ll take it away

Favourite food: burgers

Least favourite food: cauliflower

Favourite drink: can of burp

When did you last cry? last night

When did you last laugh? 1 minute ago

If you were trapped on an island with one player, who would it be, and who would it not be and why?

It would not be Tom Walker, he don’t share food.

It would be Tom Loxam, Ex marine.

Outside of rugby league which sport do you follow? Golf