14. Karl Ashall – Sponsored by Neil & Julie Kummer


Name: Karl Ashall

Age: 28

Position: hooker/half

Previous clubs: halifax, Swinton, crusaders

Biggest influence on your rugby league career: my uncle Darren Lockyer

Favourite film: Top gun, snatch, lion king

Favourite film quote: Have we just become best friends? Yup!

Favourite TV show: celebrity Juice

Favourite food: chinese

Least favourite food: oysters

Favourite drink: vimto

When did you last cry? when I realised I was actually married

When did you last laugh? Every bus trip to Barrow

If you were trapped on an island with one player, who would it be, and who would it not be and why? Brett carter because he’s vegan, I could eat all the meat and then pick my teeth with him.

Outside of rugby league which sport do you follow? None because im always at training