13. Martin Aspinwall – Sponsored by Schofield Construction


Name: Martin Aspinwall

Age: 36

Position: Loose Forward

Previous clubs: leigh, hull, Castleford, Huddersfield, wigan

Biggest influence on your rugby league career: brother

Favourite film: trainspotting, long good Friday, goodfellas

Favourite film quote: too many to mention

Favourite TV show: breaking bad, peaky blinders

Favourite food: steak

Least favourite food: cheese

Favourite drink: orange juice

When did you last cry? cant remember

When did you last laugh? whenever I speak to my 3 yr old son

If you were trapped on an island with one player, who would it be, and who would it not be and why? Would be James duerden, his stories would get me to sleep at night

Wouldn’t be ryan Johnston, because hes got bad banter

Outside of rugby league which sport do you follow?  Boxing