12. Jarrad Stack – Sponsored by Advanced Roofing


Name: Jarrad Stack

Age: 30

Position: second row

Previous clubs: town, north devils, storm, Waverley panthers

Biggest influence on your rugby league career: parents and supportive Mrs.

Favourite film: Role Models, hangover

Favourite film quote: Yeah, I found a baby once

Favourite TV show: benefits Britain, cant pay we’ll take it away

Favourite food: thai

Least favourite food: sushi

Favourite drink: corona

When did you last cry? Birth of my son Roman

When did you last laugh? Most likely at my wife or son

If you were trapped on an island with one player, who would it be, and who would it not be and why? Brett Carter as he only eats Grass so I would be sweet for food.

Not be Joe Bullock cos hes lazy and would steal all the food/clothes/anything he could get his hands on!

Outside of rugby league which sport do you follow? Golf , NBA