10. Tom Walker – Sponsored by Pauls Carpets & Dalton Masons Mafia


Name: Tom Walker

Age: 23

Position: Prop

Previous clubs: Warrington Wolves, Workington Town.

Biggest influence on your rugby league career: Dad

Favourite film: Wolf of Wall Street and Hangover 123

Favourite film quote: “I’m the third string bean brother”

Favourite TV show: Peaky blinders

Favourite food: Sunday Roast.

Least favourite food: avocado

Favourite drink: Dutty Beer, vimto!

When did you last laugh? Everyday.

If you were trapped on an island with one player, who would it be, and who would it not be and why?

Brett Carter because id be able to eat all the food because he’s vegan and only eats leaves. And not to be has to be Joe bullock/shane toal because we would never ever escape!

Outside of rugby league which sport do you follow? Football